Meet The Sisters

Active Sisters / Paladins

Reverend Mother/President

Sister Merry A Nette

Bio:  From Merry A's first glimpse of the Sisters, she was instantly enthralled. Every aspect about them just made her fall in love. She worked tirelessly to bring the Joy of the Sisters into herself, so that she can expel it back out as a radiant star. Merry A loves doing nothing more than to make people smile and spread kind words. Her goal is to change the world with Grace, Poise, and lots of Flair!

Fully Professed: March 2015

Mistress of Novices and Lady of Counsel / Vice President

Sister Diversity Rains

Bio:  Its never too late to become a nun and Diversity Rains is living proof.  Having had an active presence in the LGBTQ+ Community since 2001, she had encountered the Sisters on several occasions in Vancouver and met them at New Westminster Pride in 2011.  “No, No,” she proclaimed, “I can’t do that”, when asked about joining the Sisterhood.  Time passes, knowledge led to freedom and the possibility of joining the Sisters.  In 2014, at New West Pride, she found herself with the Sisters at a photo-op cavorting around and realized she was having fun, and could do that—join the Sisters, maybe, huh?  Upon turning 70, determined to be active in the community, she took the plunge and became an Aspirant.  To Diversity Rains, living life to the fullest on the edge of something new is what life is about and the Sisters offer her that opportunity to be up front and centre making a difference for others through community involvement.  Now somewhere in the back of her mind, or is it the forward part, there is a voice saying, “There is a mission for you to do, now do it!”  That mission has something to do with diversity, acceptance, and equality.

Fully Professed: November 2015

Mistress of the Quill, Alms, and Charity (Secretary/Treasurer)

Sister Bodice Rippa

Bio:  Sister Bodice joined the Sisters because she desperately needed a change in her life.  Also, she wanted to do something good for a community that is not always fully represented, which is the trans community.  Although not being trans, she is an ally and a lot of important people in her life has come to her and have confided in her that they are indeed trans.  A lot of them have passed, in very violent ways and there's nothing more she wants to do than to honour their memory and make sure that people know that they were wonderful loving people and that they were great members of the community.  They are important people in her life and they can be important people in other peoples lives as well.

Her journey with the Sisters has been a blessing.  It has taken from from the depths of hell to the heights of heaven

Fully Professed: October 2016

Sister Merry J Wana

Bio: Sister Merry J had her first encounter with a Sister in the mid 1990's and did not think much of it at the time.  The Sister was someone dressed as a Nun (in black and white habit) and handing out condoms/safer sex packets, interacting with people in the bars and everyone was having a blast.  Then in 2017 the Sisters were reintroduced to Merry J's life and the who/what they were was finally explained.

As a teenager, Sister Merry J spent most of their time doing volunteer work and raising funds and awareness of causes and organizations in need of assistance.  This wanting to help the underdog, the underfunded, now combined with being a newly found Puppy (aka Pup Bigbad - I don't bite, unless you want me to.  Woof!) and the want to spread Happy meshed with being a Sister and spreading joy.  The rest is sistory.

Fully Professed: July 2019

Paladin 'lil Randy  / Sister Bear It'all

Bio: Paladin 'lil Randy is a sex positive, body positive, grateful uninvited guest on the Coast Salish territories, white, able bodied, Trans nonbinary who had known the Sisters for a number of years.  'lil Randy has supported a friend in their work with the Sisters loving all that they saw but never understanding that they could be involved themself.  Until an article in the Xtra ( on the Sisters Of Perpetual Indulgence Abbey of the Long Cedar Canoe mentioned that folks of any gender and sexuality could join.  So they took 6 months to back out of their other volunteer commitments to clear their calendar so they could commit to their work with the Sisters.  'lil Randy created an event 'Let's Talk About Sex, Baby' as their Cadet project and plans to continue such events in hopes to keep up a safer sex, sex positive community. "lil Randy decided to also become Sister Bear Itall to have the opportunity to experience the work in a different way. 'lil Randy became a fully Professed Paladin in September 2016 and is excited to get out and talk to the community about their ideas of what we can do together to keep our community strong!

Fully Professed: September 2016

Novices, Postulents & Aspirants

oh my!

POSTULANT Cadet Fang (instert pun)

Bio: coming. . . so soon it's breathing hard.

Became a Postulant on: June 14, 2023

POSTULANT Synder starr

Bio: coming. . . so soon it's breathing hard.

Became a Postulant on: January 10, 2024

Retired Sisters / Paladins

Sister Brionna Ritz-Cracker

Bio: Before becoming a Sister, Brionna spent much of her free time since 2003 volunteering with non-profits and AIDS Service Organizations to help ease the struggles of those marginalized in society by mental health issues, poverty, addiction and HIV. She brought much joy (and healing tears) to inmates in some of Canada's federal penitentiaries through her thoughtful creative writing workshops and facilitated group discussions around living with chronic illness. She understands firsthand the destructive power shame can bring into someone's life, and has worked with many individuals newly diagnosed with HIV to alleviate the stigma of such a diagnosis.

Brionna is an introvert at heart, although her outlandish outfits have successfully brought her out of her shell and garnered her the nickname of "Sister Mumu" from others in the Abbey. She no longer shies away from the camera, and embraces such opportunities to have her photo taken with others when asked, as she can see the joy it brings to others.

Retired: January 2024

Sister Festivus Illuminata 

Bio: Sister Festivus (Fes-tee-vus), came to recognize that most of what is said to one another on a day-to-day does not cut through to real life experience. Her quest is to find ways to do that.

"We the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence present our message of joy and acceptance to the greater community as something that deals with the natural aspirations of the human heart and spirit. We all know that words are so important. We have all heard it said that there is power in the spoken word. We have experienced the fact that words can hurt and words can heal. Sister Festivus has come to believe that Sisters must be wordsmiths. To use words to ravish people with the beautiful reality that they are unique and special and that no prior hurtful, unkind, insensitive words, events or any particular individual should take their power and ultimately make them feel any less vital than any other human being."

As Festivus continues to walk the long, fabulous catwalk of Sisterhood, she strives to spread the word that anyone can become a Sister of Perpetual Indulgence, regardless of gender, sexual orientation, or sexual identity. You only need to have the drive and desire to reach the hearts of others.

Retired: April 2021

Paladin Pebbles

Bio: Paladin Pebbles has a strong connection with the Sisters through Sister Tora.  Already a contributing member of his community, he has found a different way to connect and support the LGBTQ2+ community as Paladin Pebbles.

Retired: May 2021

Sister Petunia Encarnata

Bio: When Petunia saw the Sisters walking around on Vancouver's Davie Street for the first time in August 2010, she was hooked. A queer activist and relentless social & political justice nun, this South American flower in human flesh is purposely & consciously sharing the beauty and the joy of life with the queer community and beyond. A recovering Roman Catholic, Sister Petunia is open and welcomes all forms of spiritual traditions and unconventional spiritual journeys from all walks of life, and is quick to affirm and recognize authenticity and integrity in others. Petunia holds a certificate in Spiritual Companioning / Soul Guidance.  When you see her busy doing bar ministry or blessing folks with holy glitter, come and play with Sr. Petunia -- and if you are interested in becoming part of the Abbey of the Long Cedar Canoe, have a chat and let her know that you want to be a Sister or a Paladin...she will steal your heart and take you by the hand into the heart of the Abbey. 

Retired: May 2021

Sister Tora Wholes

Bio:  Sister Tora's love of her community brought her to the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence.  Her Sister work helps her communicate her JOY through ministry to the bars and clubs and streets of the Greater Vancouver Area.

Retired: 2021

Sister Visa DeKline

Bio: Sr. Visa has been spreading joy, expiating guilt and serving the community since she felt the call to Sisterhood in December 2013. Having first met members of the Abbey of St. Joan several years earlier, Visa was delighted and excited when she learned that a house had formed in Vancouver. She was encouraged to join after spending time with the Sisters and witnessing the amazing energy they bring to Vancouver's LGBTQ scene. Visa is passionate about reducing shame - specifically as it relates to body imagery and stigma surrounding HIV. In September 2015 - Visa moved to Calgary, Alberta and serves as a missionary Sister - spreading the mission and values of the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence while partnering with local organizations and charities. She hopes to one day see many more Sisters in Alberta - but remains committed to the Abbey of the Long Cedar Canoe - staying active through regular participation in the monthly business meetings. 

Retired: February 2021

Sister Fancy Pants

Bio: Sister Fancy Pants had reached a point in her life where everything had settled and everything felt comfortable . . . too settled and too comfortable.  Realizing she needed to feel a bit "uncomfortable" in order to learn and grow, she sought out the Sisters.  The Sisters offered her an opportunity to be a part of her Community and to express her philanthropic work as part of a team, part of a family, part of something bigger than herself.

Her Sister journey has encouraged a much more outgoing and inclusive nature that realizes the transformative power of JOY!  She is looking forward to continued personal growth and being part of the ever-changing community, both locally and globally.  And doing it all wearing the tightest of corsets, the highest of heels and the fanciest of pants!  ;)

Retired: August 2019

Sister Ethica Slüt

Bio: Ethica Slüt took her first vows in February 2010 at a rogue veiling ceremony in Oregon. Together with Merry Q. Contrary and others she co-founded the Vancouver Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence (SPI). Ethica brings to the Abbey her experience in community health, gender, and sex-positive HIV/AIDS prevention education in queer and trans communities.

Retired: 2017

Sister Zahra Nansaidh

Retired: August 2017

Sister Alma Bitches

Bio: Alma has been a fan of the Sisters ever since the first time she attended one of their events in the Russian River and swore if they ever popped up in Vancouver that she would be there. When she saw the founding members of the Vancouver abbey walk in the 2010 PRIDE parade she knew the time had come. After having traveled afar (Berlin, Paris, SFO, SEA, and PDX) and experiencing first hand the magic each house brings to their own community; Alma knows she has her own part to play here in YVR and that she is now one small part of an amazing Sistory and a bright future ahead!

Retired on: October 2016

Sister Merry Q Contrary

Bio: Merry Q first met the Sisters in 1996. She spent the next 13 years gestating before taking her veil and being born a nun during a Radical Faerie gathering in 2010. Once birthed, she quickly went to work founding the Vancouver Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence. She infuses her ministry with her sense of social justice, compassion and hope. Merry Q. brings her training in theology, chaplaincy, and various earth-based spiritual traditions to her work with the Sisters.

Retired: August 2016

Sister Lois Price

Bio: coming. . . so soon it's breathing hard.

Retired: August 2016

Sister Sweet Cheribum

Bio: Sweet CheriBum brings glamazon realness every time she walks the Vancouver streets to spread joy and fight stigmatic guilt! A lover of fanciful footwear, every step she takes in heels is a celebration of strong women and women everywhere. Sweet has been actively volunteering for HIV/AIDS charities since 2009 and continues that work through her activism with the Sisters. A lover of music and all things geeky, Sister Sweet hopes to bring out smiles wherever she goes.

Retired: October 2015

Paladin Bamm Bamm

Bio: Bamm Bamm is responsible for supporting the ministrants (the nuns) in their work, and helping to ensure everyone’s safety. Bamm Bamm first became aware of the Sisters from hearing about their origins: supporting those diagnosed with AIDS when the disease first struck the gay community. For Bamm Bamm, involvement with the Sisters is part of a spiritual journey, and he views our work as a ministry of service back to the community – indeed, back to all our communities.

Retired: October 2015